VP respects your privacy and protects the personal information received from you. Whenever personal information is required of users and data owners, for the purpose of providing services, the use of this information is described in accordance with this document and with respect to data protection legislation.

VP respects all national and international laws and regulations regarding the protection of children's privacy. VP is not intended to attract children, and therefore does not solicit personal information from children or send them by any means requests for personal information.

In addition to these privacy commitments, VP respects all applicable privacy rules and regulations where it operates.

This document may be modified at any time. If the change is substantial and has implications for the manner in which the VP uses the personal data of the holder, it will be informed so that it can be viewed immediately upon notice.

Personal information means any information that can be used to identify the natural person or company, including the name, e-mail address, postal address, title, date of birth, gender, occupation (in the case of persons) , or another type of information.VP uses information provided by you on this site to satisfy requests for products and services, personalize your experience of users' use of the site, keep you current on new products and services or other information that VP deems relevant.

As VP operates in several countries, personal information may circulate through these countries. All these countries are governed by this document and by agreements of confidentiality and transfer of data. Personal information is never used outside VP without the permission of the data owners. At VP, data is stored on servers and databases controlled with limited access. The personal information of the users / data holders will only be transferred to other companies when they have given their consent to VP as it is necessary to do so to provide a product or service to the user, in which case only the necessary information is transferred to the user for this purpose.

Except in cases where the user has previously been identified by a login and password, navigation on this site is done anonymously. VP uses a standard technology called a cookie to gather information about how to use this site. In all cases where the user's personal information is required, it is intended for registration, and the reason and purpose for which it is intended will be informed. This information is transferred to VP services and is not transferred to third parties without the written consent of the data subject. The sending of emails is activated only by selecting the respective option, and a subscription cancellation option is always available.

The data registered on the VP servers is always protected by a login and password for your security. VP ensures data security through appropriate physical, electronic and procedural procedures. Whenever confidential data is entered, VP uses encrypted protocols (SSL) to increase transaction / order security. Without prejudice to this guarantee, VP cannot guarantee the security of the information transmitted to you, and the data subject must take all precautions to protect your personal data while you are using the Internet, such as changing passwords frequently and ensuring the use of a navigation program that allows the use of SSL communication.

For additional clarifications, please contact our DATA PROTECTION OFFICER:
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